Cassell Gymnastics and Dance Training Center

About Our Facilities

In 1952, at the age of 16, Flo Cassell started her first dance studio in her parent's basement. She continued to have satellite studios until opening up a studio on Henry Street in Muskegon. In 1972 she built a state of the art addition to facilitate the growth in gymnastics. In 2000, Miya Rollenhagen, Flo's daughter, continued the family legacy by opening a new facility on Devin Drive in Norton Shores.

We have a purpose built gymnasium with up-to-date equipment  and are constantly reviewing our equipment to cater for the increasing demands of our gymnastics and dance at all levels.

In addition we have the following:

Cassell Gymnastics and Dance Training Center
Air Conditioning
Five Dance Rooms
Parent Viewing Areas
7,000 Square Foot Gymnastics Room
Office Hours:  Monday through Thursday 1pm - 9pm, Saturday 9am-1:30 pm (fall and winter only)

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